Explode describes the flight of a group of teenagers in a forest and swampy area.
This landscape becomes a place of errance, meetings and conflicts : the metaphor of an attempt to live in a communauty.
This video is divided in 5 sequences whose lenghts each vary between 3 and 5 minute, and can be watched separately or in any desired order.
These sequences constitute a repertoire of forms exploring how relationships between landscape and movement create temporary spaces of emancipation. Following the project Exploration of a Failure, this project shows how the motion of bodies in a landscape is able to generate a form of resistance to current phenomenons of surveillance and hyper-cartography.
These five video sequences are reference points, loops, which can constitute proposals for sketchs of situations and interactions, that can be re-interpreted, re-created in the context of performances, installations, or workshops.

This project has been developed between 2013  and 2014 in the framework of a workshop with students and professors from IMPRO of Vayres sur Essonne (Residency in Domaine de Chamarande), France.