The Green Vessel (Part 2)

The Green Vessel tells the journey and the story of an old man on a river. Like a storyteller, he shares with us a story: the tale of a scientist, who discovers a contaminated river, and tries to understand the sources of this problem. Accompanied by an artist and a young guide, he pursues his research in remotes territories covered by a large forest. As he continues his tale, the old narrator engages himself in a long journey between river and vegetation, a quest that connects him to his own story.
This project revolves around a film, that relates to sculptures, drawings and installations. Work of fiction located in an undetermined future and geography, it is inspired by the landscape and history of the different production places of the project, with references to the transformation of Magdalena River in Colombia, to political debates and oral literature in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and to the polluting impacts of agriculture and dairy farming groups in this country and France.

The Green Vessel, 51 mn, 2019.

This film and project was produced through residencies in Center of Art and Landscape at Vassivière Island (2015), in  FLORA Ars+Natura in Colombia (2015), and in Te Whare Hera – International Artist Residency in New Zealand (Massey University and French Embassy in New Zealand) 2016, with Dicréam, Aide à la Maquette, Synesthésie MMaintenant, Saint Denis (2016), Julien Duc-Maugé, Fonds d’Amitié France – Nouvelle-Zélande (2016) and Spectre Productions.

The premiere of The Green Vessel was in FIDMarseille, International Film Festival Cinéma Marseille, July 2019.
First Film Competition & French Competition

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