Exploration of a Failure

Exploration of a Failure is a poetic essay composed by a video and a series of drawings about a journey, which starting point was a 200 km walk that the artist did in June 2013 from the Domaine de Chamarande to his house in Burgundy. Looking at landscape as an archipelago of vegetal ensembles, the protocol was to avoid all villages, roads, paths, in order to cross forests and fields in a South East direction. It is an exploration to question the notion of landscape, borders and territory to experience a potential and temporary feeling of resistance to phenomenons of geolocalization and hyper-cartography.
As it is suggested by the title of the work, the project failed, and decisions had to be improvised during the walk. The act of performance became then a fiction, a poem. As an extension of the ideas, which gave way to the sculpture Rise, Exploration of a Failure takes landscape as a starting point to think about what means the concept of “protesting” today.
Speaking about the limits of representing a performance or an experience, the limits of a protocol in the medium of performance, this work interrogates the borders, which exist between fiction and reality.

Video essay :

Series of drawings and installation :