The Journey

Completed in November 2015, The Journey is a site-specific permanent sculpture conceived for the Urban Natural Park of the city of Pau (in the south of France). Composed of two paths oriented in the perspective and the continuity of the Gave de Pau river flow, on an East-West axis, the whole structure forms a double passage, in which the ground and its vegetal cover pass through the work, allowing the visitor to enter it from multiple points.
Climbing plants will wind around the wooden frames placing this co-evolutive and metamorphic work into the temporality and the visual renewing of vegetation and seasons.
Made of aluminum plates, that reflect light and constitute a series of screens, the sculpture is oriented like a solar calendar.
The Journey is an oniric passage, which suggests the importance of nomadism across the borders of our fragmented landscapes. These continuous movements enable to generate processes of creating imaginary, which are capable of opening up a dialog of our conceptions of life in common.