Field is a video work that focuses on a single parcel on a farm in Burgondy (France). During one year and the season’s change, this project explores the relationships that exist between this specific field and the two brothers, François and Philippe Camburet, who work on it.
This audiovisual portrait of the transformation of a field and a landscape during four seasons incorporate the voice of these two farmers that share their perceptions and impressions of a space and a zone that they cyclically pace up and down.
The field becomes the echo of their relationships towards work and memory and reflects their thoughts and questions.
Dialog between artistic and farming practices, this work casts a light on an aspect of the issues of a field. Place for farm work and production, this delimited unity of space contains an ensemble of recent and immemorial traces.
Within a capitalist and speculative context that pressurizes as much global than local spaces, the field seems to constitute a space of resistance and action, a potential place for questioning and alternative developments.
This project is presented as well as an installation with multiple videos projections and screens.

Field, 2019.

Film stills: