Icelandtraincity proposes, in the form of a sculpture, the development of a new mobile, modular and ecological city on rails. Representation of an experimental and self-sufficient architecture, this work takes its roots both in the Mesoamerican archetypes and utopian architecture.
Icelandtraincity also gives rise to a body of research with architects and planners. A series of workshops were also conducted in collaboration with students from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Bretagne (Rennes), with architecture Synapsis laboratory at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (Mexico) and with the Master of Sustainable Urban Planning of the Academy of Architecture, KTH Royal Academy (Stockholm).
The sculpture Icelandtraincity can be extended with the results of these researches by the presence of documents, studies, renderings and models.

Website dedicated to the project and to the researches and workshops:

The series Icelandtraincity

Modular movements of the city on rails :

Icelandtraincity from Etienne de France on Vimeo.

Examples of research with architects and planners :
For more information on the research aspect :

Workshops and lectures :
For more information on the workshop and lecture aspect :

Lecture in KTH Royal Academy of Architecture and Engineering :

Lecture Icelandtraincity KTH Stockholm-PART 1 from Etienne de France on Vimeo.

Lecture Icelandtraincity KTH Stockholm-PART 2 from Etienne de France on Vimeo.