Tales of a Sea Cow

Tales of a Sea Cow is a narration between reality and fiction. The story describes fictional scientific research, that would have resulted in the rediscovery of a species of marine mammal (the Steller Sea Cow) along the coast of Greenland, an animal extinct since the 18th century following the excesses of intensive hunting.
The film describes the process of the research and provides a contextual and methodological commentary of the underwater recordings and their analysis. It proposes a metaphor about our interpretations of nature and reveals the consequences of imaginary projections on our environment.
Tales of a Sea Cow is also developed as a visual and interactive sound installation consisting in sculptures, scientific and invented instruments, and a series of photographs and drawings.

Tales of a Sea Cow, HD video, color and stereo, 58 minutes, 2012 :

Steller Sea Cow Song, Sound installation, 15minutes. 8 channels, 2012.

Tales of a Sea Cow TRAILER from Etienne de France on Vimeo.

Selection of works from Tales of a Sea Cow (photographs, sculptures, installations) :