Icelandtrain is a project which is made of a set of devices valuing a brand, specific to communication strategies, and elaborates the presentation of a fictional enterprise: the first railway company in Iceland.
The artwork was initiated by the creation of a logo and a visual identity, a website dedicated to the brand, a presence on social networks and an online game. After these interventions relayed and discussed by local and international medias, a fashion show was organized by Icelandtrain to present an uniform collection for the company employees.
This project questions the use of storytelling and narrative techniques and strategies in advertising, and stages the creation of a railway company in Iceland in order to generate a debate on possible environmental solutions.

Icelandtrain website and online game :

Screenshots :

Fashion show (National Gallery of Iceland, 2010) :

Icelandtrain Fashion Show from Etienne de France on Vimeo.

Icelandtrain uniform collection :